The Sentinel (2006)

The Sentinel Netflix Full Movie
In 141 years, there's never been a traitor in the Secret Service.... Until Now.
Plot Summary : A secret service agent is framed as the mole in an assassination attempt on the president. He must clear his name and foil another assassination attempt while on the run from a relentless FBI agent.
Genre : Action, Thriller, Crime,
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Company: Sentinel Productions
Country : United States of America
Release Date: 19 April 2006
Language : English
Runtime : 108 min

Casts : Michael Douglas (Pete Garrison), Kiefer Sutherland (David Breckinridge), Eva Longoria (Jill Marin), Martin Donovan (William Montrose), Kim Basinger (Sarah Ballentine), Ritchie Coster (The Handler), Blair Brown (National Security Advisor), David Rasche (President Ballentine), Kristin Lehman (Cindy Breckinridge), Raynor Scheine (Walter Xavier), Chuck Shamata (Director Overbrook), Paul Calderon (Deputy Director Cortes), Clark Johnson (Charlie Merriweather), Raoul Bhaneja (Aziz Hassad), Yanna McIntosh (Teddy Vargas),

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