Ten Thousand Saints (2015)

10,000 Saints Netflix Full Movie
Rage. Riot. Rebirth.
Plot Summary : A sweeping multigenerational story set against the backdrop of the raw, roaring New York City of the late 1980s; adoption, teen pregnancy, drugs, hardcore punk rock, the unbridled optimism and reckless stupidity of the young—and old—are all major elements in this heart-aching tale of the son of diehard hippies and his strange odyssey through the extremes of late 20th century youth culture.
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Music,
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Company: N/A
Country : N/A
Release Date: 14 August 2015
Language : English
Runtime : 113 min

Casts : Ethan Hawke (Les Horn), Asa Butterfield (Jude Keffy-Horn), Hailee Steinfeld (Eliza Urbanski), Emile Hirsch (Johnny), Emily Mortimer (Diane Urbanski), Julianne Nicholson (Harriet), Avan Jogia (Teddy McNicholas), Nadia Alexander (Prudence), Jeff O'Donnell (Tory Ventura), Lauren Milberger (Protester),

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