Back to 1942 (2012)

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Plot Summary : In 1942, Henan Province was devastated by the most tragic famine in modern Chinese history, resulting in the deaths of at least three million men, women and children. Although the primary cause of the famine was a severe drought, it was exacerbated by locusts, windstorms, earthquakes, epidemic disease and the corruption of the ruling Kuomintang government.
Genre : Drama,
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Company: Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd.
Country : China
Release Date: 01 November 2012
Language : 普通话
Runtime : 145 min

Casts : Adrien Brody (Theodore Harold White), Tim Robbins (Bishop Megan), Xu Fan (Hua Zhi), Chen Dao-Ming (Jiang Jiedan), Alec Su (Song Ziwen), Zhang Hanyu (An Ximan), Alfred Hsing (Refugee), Duan Yihong (Chen Bulei), Zhang Guoli (Fan Dianyuan), Mo Zhang (Shuan Zhu), Li Xuejian (Li Peiji), Wang Ziwen (Xing Xing), Lu Zhong (Zhang Fang's mother), Zhang Guo-Qiang (Guo Jiquao), Du Chun (), Qiao Zhenyu (Secretary Han), Feng Yuanzheng (),

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